Every 'My Little Pony: Relationship Is Magic' Season Ranked

“Relationship isn’t always very easy, however there’s no doubt it deserves defending!”

Among the biggest shows of the 2010s was My Little Horse: Relationship Is Magic. It adhered to the experiences of six ponies from the land of Equestria: Golden Shimmer (Tara Solid), Applejack (Ashleigh Ball), Rainbow Dashboard (Ashleigh Ball), Pinkie Pie (Andrea Libman), Fluttershy (Andrea Libman), and Rarity (Tabitha St. Germain). Together, they discover the magic of relationship and address various issues across Equestria and its neighboring lands.

The show blew all expectations thanks to its solid writing, vibrant computer animation, memorable personalities, and catchy tracks. It ran for nine seasons general and created an enthusiastic fanbase mainly of older customers. Every period is unique and acclaimed, although some are unquestionably better than others.

Season 1

Upon discovering of the return of the wicked Problem Moon, Golden and her aide, Spike (Cathy Weseluck), head to Ponyville to look for the Components of Consistency. She opens their power with the help of five regional horses, restoring Princess Luna and saving the day. Twilight then determines to stay in Ponyville to examine the magic of friendship with her brand-new buddies.

The first season is fun to reflect on, thanks to its slice-of-life feeling and lack of grand multi-episode villain tales. It gradually feeds the target market info regarding the globe while providing funny circumstances for the characters to conquer. Nearly every period after it improves on writing and computer animation, yet that’s primarily since they had a solid foundation.

Season 2

To take the stress off of Twilight, Princess Celestia announces that any of the main six can send her a relationship report when they find out a lesson. This opens up brand-new opportunities for records, consisting of Rarity’s interaction with her sibling, Applejack’s organization feuds, and Pinkie Pie finding out just how to babysit. In the middle of these small-town problems, dark forces like Dissonance, the spirit of turmoil, and Queen Chrysalis of the Changelings intimidate Equestria.

Period two took every little thing that operated in period one and broadened on it tenfold, making My Little Horse: Friendship Is Magic among the 21st century’s best animated shows. It presented some of the program’s ideal bad guys and catchiest tracks, and expanding the concentrate on various other personalities besides Golden released the program from frequently being fixed on her. Many of its in-between episodes concentrated on vital concerns for the target group, consisting of social stress and anxiety, over-worrying, and concern of exclusion.

Season 3

After saving the recently returned Crystal Empire from the bad King Sombra (Big Jim Miller and Alvin Sanders), Golden and her buddies encounter brand-new obstacles as they learn to tackle responsibility. Rainbow Dashboard takes the next action towards accomplishing her dream, Applejack tries to host the excellent family get-together, and old enemies return for a second round. The season finishes with Golden confirming herself worthwhile to become an Alicorn and Equestria’s princess of Magic.

Season 4

In order to conserve the Tree of Consistency, the major six give up their Aspects of Harmony but are gifted a box with six keyholes in return. As they continue to research the magic of friendship, they run into tailored issues that give them an unique item to serve as the tricks. Golden likewise struggles to accept her place as the Princess of Magic, made harder when a magic-draining villain named Tirek escapes his jail time.

Season 5

With her brand-new Cutie Map, Golden can be notified when a relationship issue needs fixing anywhere in Equestria and who is finest suited for it. Their first mission takes them to a cult community run by the cutie-mark-hating Starlight Glimmer. Though they have the ability to break her hang on the town, Starlight leaves and plans a bid to repay on the major six.

Starlight Twinkle is the emphasize of this season, acting as a special villain with a distinct objective and whose redemption would play heavily into later periods. Lots of episodes this period additionally focused on more serious subjects, including guilt, loss, jealousy, and restoring damaged relationships. After that there’s “Slice of Life,” an episode that pokes fun at the show’s fandom without appearing mean-spirited.

Season 6

Starlight Twinkle (Kelly Sheridan) is among tv’s finest villains-turned-heroes. Period 6 sees her coming to be Golden’s apprentice and questioning if she can leave her past behind. Luckily, she rekindles an old relationship with her youth pal, Sunburst (Ian Hanlin), and makes a new pal in fellow former villain Trixie (Kathleen Barr). On the other hand, brand-new problems in Equestria include the birth of an Alicorn with uncontrollable magic, a renegade Changeling, and the picking of a brand-new Dragon Lord.

Period 6 has a great deal of enjoyable episodes and introduces lots of memorable characters. However, this comes at the expenditure of the primary six, as displayed in the finale, where Starlight leads several old and brand-new characters to save them. When it comes to Starlight, her redemption had not been handled the best, resulting in a divide amongst the followers regarding her character post-villainy.

Season 7

Complying With Starlight, Trixie, Discord (John de Lancy), and Thorax’s (Kyle Rideout) triumph over Queen Chrysalis, Equestria gets used to this new state of normality. The changed Changelings battle to adjust to a life of giving love instead of taking it, and several buddy teams learn the relevance of concession. The major six also begin examining legends concerning fabled Rider heroes that could be more genuine than they thought.

Period seven is a variety, with a practically equivalent amount of good and average episodes. The exploration of Equestria’s misconceptions was well managed, providing the fans lots of lore to chew on and a suitable ending. The best episode would certainly be “The Perfect Pair,” where Applejack and her brother or sisters learn how their moms and dads met.

Season 8

Having conserved Equestria several times, Twilight opens up a college where animals from throughout the world can find out the worths of relationship alongside horses. Though sustained by Princess Celestia (Nicole Oliver) and Luna (Tabitha St. Germain), it is opposed by the racist Chancellor Neighsay (Maurice LaMarche). The major six face new obstacles as educators however do their best to advertise friendship among their trainees.

Season 9

Celestia and Luna are preparing to step down as leaders of Equestria so Twilight can prosper them. As they gradually prepare her for leadership, an old villain named Grogar (Doc Harris) returns to Equestria. He unifies previous bad guys, Queen Chrysalis (Kathleen Barr), Lord Tirek (Mark Acheson), and Cozy Radiance (Sunni Westbrook), to fetch a magic artefact and defeat Golden.