Timothée Chalamet Watched 'Leading Weapon: Radical' 8 Times While Shooting 'Dune: Part Two': 'One of the Greatest Films' Ever Before

Timothée Chalamet Watched 'Leading Weapon: Radical' 8 Times While Shooting 'Dune: Part Two': 'One of the Greatest Films' Ever Before

Timothée Chalamet is looking up to one more star with his same initials: Tom Cruise ship.

Chalamet exposed throughout a GQ cover story that he enjoyed Cruise’s long-awaited action follow up “Top Gun: Maverick” eight times while in manufacturing on his own franchise follow-up, “Dune: Sequel.” Chalamet got a cinema in Budapest and dealt with the whole “Dune” actors and team to a “Leading Gun: Maverick” testing.

“‘ Leading Weapon’ was just widely motivating to me last summer when we were making ‘Dune,'” Chalamet claimed. “Some of the staff were sort of discounting going, but I just believed it was one of the best films I’ve ever seen.”

Chalamet attributed star Cruise for advising stunt fitness instructors after the first “Dune” movie, including bike and helicopter coaches. Cruise ship is well-known for doing his very own stunts on movies like “Top Weapon” and “Objective: Impossible.”

After I satisfied Tom Cruise ship, right after ending up the very first ‘Dune,’ he sent me the most incredibly inspiring email,” Chalamet stated. “He primarily said, in Old Hollywood, you would be obtaining dance training and fight training, and nobody is mosting likely to hold you to that common today. So it depends on you. The email was really like a rallying cry.”

And it settled: “Dune” director Denis Villeneuve contributed to GQ that in terms of Chalamet’s commitment to stunts, he was extra “trained” for “Sequel,” possibly partially to Cruise’s referrals.

” Action-wise, I really felt that he was much more trained than in ‘Part One,’ and ready for the fighting series,” Villeneuve said of Chalamet. “I was excited by his level of self-control for ‘Sequel.’ You understand, when you are the lead on a film, there’s an existence, the method you approach your work and your self-control will necessarily have a causal sequence on the rest of the staff. He was the initial one on collection, always all set. And I was super delighted and impressed with just how Timothée truly embraced that technique and ended up being, for me, a real leading star on this film.”

Villeneuve continued, “In ‘Part One,’ the electronic camera was catching the performance of a teenager– I’m discussing the character, a person who was learning about the world and experiencing a new truth. But ‘Sequel’ is actually concerning someone who goes from the young boy to the man, and ends up being a leader, and even, I will state, a dark charismatic, messianic figure. It was the first time that I observed a person growing before my camera.”